Projected pets made me lose over 10m

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Projected pets made me lose over 10m

Postby J1_Hood » Tue Sep 15, 2020 12:50 pm

2 days ago i was sent a trade request, they offered a pet with over 800 pow and over 200-300 defense. I didnt know this was projected so i lost a repguana bow, gold dagger and a big pet. user: Gunnerman or something like that.

Then i got scammed again today projected pet seemed to have 361 pow and around 140 defense. the person added a pet helmet too. i was told he would just take 3m for all of that, i was foolish to believe him but i did and got scammed. i now see the pet level is 60 and has less than 40 pow and def. USER: MT11 WHATS EVEN WORSE IS THAT THE PET NAME IS PROJECTZED :|


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Re: Projected pets made me lose over 10m

Postby provscon » Thu Sep 17, 2020 6:12 am

Yes it tricks like that sure is annoying players who do that are persistent, these events became a normal thing now, and they are normally avoided.
Just in case no one told you , it wasn't a projected pet.
The player tricked you in the trade with a higher spec pet and then after you also put your offer to be confirmd the use auto-clicker at the speed of 30 - 10 milliseconds or something. to withhold the previous pet they showed and put up the weaker pet instead. It happens fast with the help of a autoclicker.

You can foil scams/tricks like those with these tips:
When ever you are in a trade involving pets , always be skeptic about the pet you are about to have. Click on the pet a lot so you can check if the method I've mentioned about is being used.
Second ,if he offers you a pet with no helmet , decline. Don't bite the bait , no matter how good the pet he shows , it will be a 100% scam.
Third , after putting the trade offers that the second party required , lock on confirm first. This is so you can still click on the pet and see if it was changed at speeds your eye won't notice.

Lastly , just don't bother trading to other players at all. The game is good, this is true if you experience everything firsthand. Like for example , leveing your own pet , earning your own money or even buying your own armor through shops.
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