Insomnia In a new light

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Insomnia In a new light

Postby therealcoder870 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 7:43 pm


Hello There fellow HH players, looking for a smooth and chill guild, well
look no further, We are Inomnia, A dedicated HH guild that loves playing HH, games, and more. We expect the best out of you and if you're a great addition to the group then we will love your company, there's only a few thing we will need to go over.


Leader: Insomniaworldleader
Captain: Warrior_Boi




1) Behavior: You know how you should act, use common sense when you're on an online game
If you're be downright disrespectful and are harassing people I will ban you from the group, no one deserves hate or any other
negativity for no reason so regardless of anything just keep it to yourself.

2) Leaching Xp/Boosting: I don't permit this at all, I find this very lazy and rude. If I hear about this or see this, I will give only one warning after that you will be booted out of the guild.

3) Scamming people: Everyone hates a bad deal including me, so don't ever pull this BS, and if I ever find out you did. Then your automatically booted with no question.

4) Spotting: You don't own this game so you don't own a spot. If you wanna grind and you don't want someone else in the area, too bad. learn to share it's not that hard. I will give three warnings after that your gone. So don't do it.

5) Hacking/Duping/Botting: This ruins the game for everyone, this is an online multiplayer game, it's unfair for everyone if you to do these things to the game. I will automatically give you the boot and report you for doing so.

6) Giving out links: As there are problems with this, I will boot you if you give out links to sights that may hack another players account, and I will report you for it.

7) Piloting: I go by the philosophy that everything is to be earned, so I will not allow you to be piloted by people I don't Know or to pilot someone else. I will boot you from the group regardless.

8) Account Selling: I don't Know who your selling your account to and I don't care, you're not allowed to sell your accounts in the guild as it is a sign that you don't want to be apart of the guild any more. Also this is usually a scam so to avoid drama I don't permit it. I will boot you from the guild if this happens regardless.

9) Player Fraud: Please don't try to pull the whole i'm this move on people, it's super disrespectful to do such, pretending to either be Robby, a mod, or any other popular/ high leveled player will get you booted almost immediately.

10) Begging: I hate this more than anything, I won't give free handouts unless you're one of my good friends. So don't ask me for anything cause I won't give you anything, I will give you a few chances after that your booted.


1) Minimum level: I've thought about this and the level requirement to join the guild is 310, it might change over time. I have two other members one that is level 79 and another that is 46, these are my friends so I allowed them to join, that is the only exception I made, other than that you have to be 310. my reason, By then you should already know the game and how it works plus it keeps the guild strong when we go do pvp or GvG.

2) Language: We speak english in the guild, i don't ban other languages, you're fully allowed to speak whatever language you want, I just don't understand nor speak any other languages so please at least know how to speak and understand english.

Other Info to Know

We have a discord, but it is only for friends and Guild members only, PM me for joining info, Also we don't have 3x guild or a private server, I might get 3x guild when I can afford it but I won't get a Private server ,
I'm doing this to avoid it possibly being raided.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Warrior_Boi for helping me create the guild, without warrior i would've never made the guild
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