My chopping service

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My chopping service

Postby Aaayeah » Sat Aug 10, 2019 6:32 am

I'm chopping wood 200k per wood.Just pm me ingame (Aaayeah) or on discord (Aaayeah#4737) or reply here and tell what kind of wood you need and how many pieces and I will get them as quick as I can.
Since this is a thing, if you are gonna make me chop more than 20 Logs, you have to pay half before chopping to avoid trollers.

Alt: Barthon
Guild: Soul Eaters
Also: Buying Book of Artillery and Defense 40k each PM Me Freely

I'm physically fit, Mentally awake, Morally straight.
C.A.T cadet Aaayeah reporting on duty, Sir!
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