-Nub to Pro- (Game)

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-Nub to Pro- (Game)

Postby ihasarchery » Mon Mar 12, 2018 2:16 pm

I kinda wanna start a new forum game since this shet is as dead as my brain cells.

Alright so the game is basically about becoming a professional HH player starting as a nub (u nubs better know wut a nub is).

How to Play:

Spoiler: show

In the beginning, you will start off with 100 points. With these points, you can spend it on things that might increase your chances of becoming a professional player. You will receive points everyday as long as you don't go bankrupt. Each area will have it's own price for each item, and once you move into a new area, you will have to re-buy resale and double drop rate. A pet is permanent and a spot must be bought each day.

Things you can buy include:

A spot- Sadly, you will be able to spot, but you can gain 1.5x the amount of points you make a day.

Wooden Plains Price- 3 Points

Blue Shroom Den- 5 Points

Goo Dungeon- 10 Points

Light Highway- 25 Points

Beholder Lookout- 50 Points

Repguana Sanction- 90 Points

Heated Stones- 150 Points

Acidic Waters- 200 Points

Sky Kingdom- 300 Points

Double Drop Rate- With this, you can get 2x the amount of points per day.
Wooden Plains-

Blue Shroom Den-

Goo Dungeon-

Light Highway-

Beholder Lookout-

Repguana Sanction-

Heated Stones-

Acidic Waters-

Sky Kingdom-

Resale- You can gain another 1.5x points with resale.

Super Pet- There won't be luck pets, but there will be super pets. You can use these to make 20 points a day. This will cost 300 points.

Each area will depend on how much you make a day.

These areas include:

Wooden Plains- Players under level 10 - Points made without boost: 5

Blue Shroom Den- Players level 10-30 - Points made without boost: 10

Goo Dungeon- Players level 30-70 - Points made without boost: 25

Light Highway- Players level 70-150 - Points made without boost: 50

Beholder Lookout- Players level 150-300 - Points made without boost: 70

Repguana Sanction- Players level 300-500 - Points made without boost: 100

Heated Stones- Players level 500-700 - Points made without boost: 120

Acidic Waters- Players level 700-900 - Points made without boost: 170

Sky Kingdom- Players level 900-1200- Points made without boost: 250


You can hack other players and steal their points. Simple as it is in HH :lol: .

You can hack up to (not yet decided since I don't know how much attention this game will get) players and steal up to 100 points depending on how much of an ass you're feeling that day. ;)

Hacking can not begin until you or the victim are level 300+. You're only allowed to hack every 2 days.

STILL IN PROGRESS(had to be somewhere and didn't want to lose progress >.<)

Feel free to drop down some suggestions to improve the game.

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Re: -Nub to Pro- (Game)

Postby fuktighår » Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:07 pm

Reserving a post here since this looks interesting.
It's Mi74.

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Re: -Nub to Pro- (Game)

Postby LightningsFury » Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:15 pm

Also, reserving a post quickly. Still need to wrap my head around the logistics.
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Guess I'll just shitpost.
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Re: -Nub to Pro- (Game)

Postby string_n_arrow » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:01 pm

Seems legit
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Re: -Nub to Pro- (Game)

Postby ihasarchery » Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:33 pm

Sadly, I no longer have any motivation to finish this. If anyone wants to take the idea and make it their game,
feel free to do so.

Kudos to Miso for the avatar!
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