Improvements that can make Helmet Heroes more fun

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Improvements that can make Helmet Heroes more fun

Postby crazygamingtr » Mon Aug 13, 2018 11:41 am

So from my experience with an alt from lvl 0 to 300 with no help from my main , here are the things that would make helmet heroes more fun if they changed or added

1- Travelling from a place to place
So travelling from robo city to petropolis takes around 10-15 mins but you need to remember which portal to go. After that maybe you just went to the petropolis to get new equipments you want to go to back in robo city again another 10-15 mins so you get what im saying new players would get bored just travelling from a place to another becouse the map is so big! It takes So much time. You need to remember which portal to chose too!

So To Fix This

1-make the area teleport cheaper
Tix are around 200k-300k and new players hardly even make 200-500k daily but making it a little bit cheaper would help them a lot

Removing/lowering the mana usage of running for players around lvl0-lvl400 would help a lot too

3-More signs
i think there should be more signs showing where to go especially for robo city becouse the dungeon kinda complicated


Tickets are very expensive and new players dont make much money a day so how about making some of the most important payvault stuff more cheaper like 60% resale , area teleport and double drop rate these payvault stuff is very expensive to get and they should be more cheaper


3-Adding new monsters , Rare bosses
Adding monsters to the game will add more content too but more than just adding 1000 lvl+ monsters we need some monsters that can actually fill some gaps for example beholders to repguanas repguanas/proteums to mags
also another option is to adding rare bosses just like Titanium Vulture in Robo city a bouncer boss would be cool : D

So Thats What i think should be changed or added What do you guys think?
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