My acc banned because of bug

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My acc banned because of bug

Postby Fxqzh11 » Sun Apr 04, 2021 6:54 pm

So there is a thing in Helmet Heroes where when you have a lot of money and items/pets at a low lvl, the game thinks you are dupping money. So I had sold 3k tix and then I put all my money in my atm which was about 3 billion. I had 7 omega lucks and complete pay vault. Im level 253 by the way. I thought about booking so I was withdrawing 999m because that’s the max. I did that 3 times then my game froze and kicked me off. I tried logging back in and then said I was banned for dupping money. I have spent over $300 on the game and it’s sucks to see it all go away because the game thought I was dupping. I understand why the game thought I was dupping because I had so much on a lvl 253 account. My ign is “im_noob12345”. I hope someone could unban my account and even if you have to take away my money and all. I hope someone could get back to me.
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