REQUEST TO UNBAN the account .

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REQUEST TO UNBAN the account .

Postby artistry » Sun Mar 07, 2021 10:15 pm

player name : 321_Go_Martin_Garrix
Ban reason: "Banned For Server Hack"
Time got ban: Friday April 4 2020

I really wanted to play helmet-heroes back as i got banned for no reason, the reason for the account that got ban was banned for server hack as i dont even understand why it happens.. but till then i think this is the reason and this is my story ... I was going to switch to server 3 and i saw a server named server 5 .. i clicked it and ofcourse u would immediately joined the server after clicking it and so it happens .. it didn't ask for a password and i tot it's a server that is the same on other main servers which are servers 123 etc. than ps since it didn't ask for any pass to join, played there for like 8-10 hrs and left the game... idk what happened after that but as far as i remember i got ban 1 day and after sometime i got ban permanently and idk what's the reason so probably the reason is as mentioned above..I never thought that server was a bug server and so little did i know that i was already abusing the bug.. untill i got permanently ban and i think that was the reason. I'm sorry if ever i caused some trouble before so I'm asking to please give me another chance to play again with my main account not some other new accounts.. after what happened tried playing with a different account ( new account ) but it never been the same as u dont really know that everything could go wrong after it happens. Hoping for your kind and consideration, also Hoping for your quick response as i wanted to play back again so much.
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Re: REQUEST TO UNBAN the account .

Postby More_craft1 » Fri Mar 12, 2021 9:03 pm

Well, all I could say to you right now is.... Goodluck on that, I doubt any accounts are gonna get unbanned no matter the reason.. games dying.
UNBAN MY ACCOUNT!!!!!!! pls. (More_craft1)
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Re: REQUEST TO UNBAN the account .

Postby b3st_randy » Sat Mar 27, 2021 12:28 am

I got banned for stem refund, i'm just buying tixes cause I need it. Then, I open my account was banned. Peasee robby unbanned my account:(( and ILOVEYOURGAME pleasee
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