I Suggest You Sir Robby!

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I Suggest You Sir Robby!

Postby MageUser159 » Thu Dec 03, 2020 4:30 am

I suggest you, sir Robby, CEO, Co-Chief, or all Collaborators to warn if your players are doing something wrong, and banned if they do it again! not directly banned, Give warn like Disconnected and put the reason/warn why! because it is so very worst of your players.

My account was banned without the reason why! directly banned and said, “BANNED FOR CRAFT ITEM HACK!”
what is this your game, sir Robby, will you just let your players understand this?
I did not use a cheat or dup/duplicate because I am afraid of being banned, inasmuch as I had already spent a lot of money on my account, but what is it? for only craft directly banned! Please fixed it.
How many more months will I have to wait? to unban my account!? that there is not enough reason to banned my account.
Doing the right thing is against the law. What is this game?
Crafting the items is the right of all players because you put it in the game.
But what is this, why the hack is the reason?

Please unban my account
IGN: MageUser159
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