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There are 4 primary classes in Helmet Heroes; Warriors, Archers, Cowboys and Wizards. The class you choose is determined by what you put your Ability/Skill Points into and what weapons you choose to fight with.

This guide will not go in-depth with stat builds and ways to distribute your points. These are only structures of the way the game was intended to be played, but there is no perfect way to making a character that fits everyone's style of play. Apply them as you see fit and you will have much more fun.

Warriors are a true force to be reckoned with. Often using melee weapons as their main form of attack, they are powerful, hearty, and can withstand many attacks.
They tend to use Strength, Dexterity, HP, and Defense.
Warriors do a lot of damage, but should be able to take a lot of damage as well due to having a low range, making it harder to distance yourself from monsters or avoid attacks.

Archers are the masters of the bow and slingshot. They have great range that can hit monsters from afar.
They tend to use Range, HP, Defense, and Dexterity.
Archers have a medium to low amount of damage, but their range makes up for the downfall of their damage. Their defense is normally low or medium compared to other classes due to the armor available in game.

Wizards emit an aura that imbues them with great magical power. They have deadly magic attacks which are cast upon monsters.
They tend to use MP, HP, Defense, and Magic.
Wizards may have a short range, but they do a lot of damage to make up for it. Their damage is high, and armor is normally very low towards the defense side, although it is made up for with the healing skill.

Cowboys use their quick moves and high damage and fire rates to leave their enemies riddled with bullet holes.
They tend to use MP, HP, Defense, and Artillery.
Cowboys use range, but their range is not as far as the Archer class, but is farther than the Wizard class, although the distance a bullet travels may be increased. Most Cowboys have high damage, and this class is normally used for their offensive specialties.

Although this was already stated at the start of this section, you also have the creative freedom to make whatever kind of character you want. So, if you feel the need to branch out and have a Mage with a shield, or a Warrior that can also use a wand, feel free to do what you want. Although it may make it harder to farm and advance in the game, these custom classes that are different than most typical characters are fun to play!
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