Does anyone know a HH Private server (Like AQRed)

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Does anyone know a HH Private server (Like AQRed)

Postby Ahpherix » Thu May 27, 2021 1:02 am

By my opinion this game is good,only before dimensioned platforms were added I left the game since then and came back for some nostalgia and all I'm greeted with is a broken map and the hurrendous Textures that aren't aligned anymore,and most importantly the Constant barrage of login errors I'm sick and tired of having to wait the entire day to play just because I went into a portal and the game just is stuck in saving player data and never logging in,if you know AQW then you're familiar with its private servers most popular is RedAQ a separate game with someone else in charge different staff different experiences.. I want that on Helmet Heroes I want a server where the experience is much better and the owner giving a damn on the game.

If you do know any it would be cool if you'd let me offer a visit.
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Re: Does anyone know a HH Private server (Like AQRed)

Postby PLSKICKME » Tue Jun 01, 2021 3:37 am

I realyl hope this game got sold to somebody who actually gives a damn about it. Making 3d helmet heroes is a shit project, but change my mind.
i doubth there will be a private server, since the player base is already low for the official one. AQ has way more ppl
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Re: Does anyone know a HH Private server (Like AQRed)

Postby gatomistico200001 » Fri Jun 04, 2021 1:34 am

PLSKICKME i dont think they will gonna give/sell the game, and i think helmet heroes is permanently discontinued (since they wanted to do eliatopia and eliatopia is 10,000% worst, helmet heroes is a gods game), i know how to script like this game but helmet heroes have a big copyright, if i make a game like helmet heroes im in a 100% sure it will gonna get taken down, sadly this is the end of helmet heroes, and the only copy that i think is still alive is axe swingers, but i dont think helmet heroes will gonna be back (sorry if my english is trash but im not a english speaker).
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