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Postby No_ForEver_Hon » Thu Sep 12, 2019 10:20 am

coke na rc can you help me out to get back my acc on my email cause this ive been chating him and request to unbanned my acc No_ForEver_Hon suddenly he hack my acc and change pass and open it and even get my stuff from my ac and i would like to get back my acc _byali_ cause i change it for 2 croasfire acc have 1 and 2 vips but the owner retrieve his acc we even meet but the other 1 month i cant open it and i chat his via facebook blocked me and if you convience to my situation or my sayings and if not i would agree with it cause you are the higher position than me i cant pursue you anymore and
i would like to unbanned my acc emalix and __GLADIATOR__
everytime i got so muchhh money i will banned when i got 50 i got 30m i banned when my acc level 100 i got 100m i banned too
i dont even know the rules of helmet heroes sorry for that and fix it coke and thxxx if you would help me
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