1st time Purchasing Ticket Bug

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1st time Purchasing Ticket Bug

Postby ridddle » Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:01 pm

Please robby can u fix this problem? i emailed you about 2 times but u didn't respond. It's the first time I purchased 220 tickets and gcash text us that 499Php ($9.99) has been deducted to our gcash balance. But when I checked my ticket balance, the 220 tickets did not appear. I tried to relog in Helmet heroes but the tickets did not appear. After that i decided to purchase 10 tickets to see if it will work. After purchasing 10 tickets, the 10 tickets appeared. Then I purchased another 220 tickets and it also appeared. I spent a total of Php 1,048.5 ($20.97) but i only got 230 tickets. Robby please give me a refund or please give me my 220 tickets. Would you please check my purchase history? Please let me know if u need the screen shots of the text of gcash when I purchased the tickets. My ign is UnderPressure.
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Re: 1st time Purchasing Ticket Bug

Postby HarorudoRuna » Thu Jul 02, 2020 10:03 am

You can email robby, uhm. Look at the payvault, you'll see his email under it.
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