A big Warning to Robby!!!

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A big Warning to Robby!!!

Postby ImSevenTheNumber » Wed Feb 05, 2020 1:46 pm

A big Warning to Robby for Helmet Heroes: People getting banned over and over again, you cannot stop the autoban. There is noone that can unban them anymore and i really suggest to get atleast a trusted person into the work of unbaning and baning people that deserve it. Someone has to read the forums and see whats going on. This someone has to be a trusted person for Robby, everyone hates this situation they are in rn. i go to Forums there are lots of unban requests which is really annoying. The control of Forums is lost in Helmet Heroes, xxragnarokxx(Banned), marianm(Banned), Mofo (my account, Deleted) maybe it can get refunded in game cash, Mikexoreoz (Banned), Dan1610 (Banned), Mechanism_11 (Banned), Tekira (Banned(Needs new Password))
I hope you understand what i mean by this, those players just got banned. this and last week most of those got banned!!!!!

Those who got banned for a Reason but over a Year and deserve Unban TheMightyCowboy1, Bry4 (i made him get banned for botting), 84alex84 (same for him), mr_oofer ( same goes for him) well those has to be Unbanned
Also I have to get Refunded by ingame cash because coke deleted all my acc :?
I had an account named Mofo got deleted by coke Long time ago About 11 months.
I wonder if i can get refunded with Ingame cash and tickets that i lost on the Acc. Maybe 100% refund or 50% both is okay.
Now i tell what i had on acc and how much cash i spent on Booking.
In Payvault i had everything thats permanent Except +3 active pets. Which Costs 55 tickets each. So i spent total 2539 tickets on payvault
I had About 4,5k def and 7k magic 12k hp and About 10k mp if we Count 55k each book that would all together be 753'500'000 or 753 Million. (can be less or higher but thats what i remember)
I had Spellbound Set. Empowered set. Helipack . Proteum proof pet which Costs 65-80m and some other pets which i dont really remeber its stats ( as i said it was 11 months ago i cant remember everything for that Long ago)
I wonder if i will get refunded back with in game cash or tickets.... we can Refund in an account called tigerlover it was a Friends acc since i have no acc anymore he gave it to me. Thank you for reading.

If youre acc is also banned FOR NO GOOD REASON! post it below.
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Re: A big Warning to Robby!!!

Postby Hopeless » Wed Feb 05, 2020 6:01 pm

My account is also deleted. IGN : LyIia
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Re: A big Warning to Robby!!!

Postby Kurupted71 » Wed Feb 05, 2020 8:43 pm

my 2nd account alsot got hacked the email and coke use my 2nd account EasyShoot30 someone help us to unbanning and the account are back
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Re: A big Warning to Robby!!!

Postby ImSevenTheNumber » Thu Feb 06, 2020 4:22 am

Hopeless wrote:My account is also deleted. IGN : LyIia

An Account that has been deleted for over 3 weeks now cant be recovered i think...
you also need to get refunded by ingame cash but you have to mail robby about it not me :!:
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Re: A big Warning to Robby!!!

Postby moonie » Thu Feb 06, 2020 10:25 am

I also got hit with the auto ban acc name moonie game crashed and when I tried to get back in it banned me hoping someone can sort this out auto bann should just be for a few days not months it is the second time I have been locked out hoping Robbie reads this and can let me back in
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Re: A big Warning to Robby!!!

Postby ImSAF » Sat Feb 08, 2020 12:02 pm

I got banned also “ Queen_Kath “ for steam refund but i never bougjt tickets from steam. My last transaction was “ TheLegendWarriors “ i bought 1,400 tickets or more iguess and i can provide proof with that trade. Until now i was hoping to get unbanned and recover my vendor was gone when i was banned.
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