Selling all my pets

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Selling all my pets

Postby ultoch » Sun Sep 15, 2019 12:52 pm

If you want pictures or to see them on HH or whatever, you can either PM me on the forums or on discord ( Ultoch#9735 )

4 of them have 6k defense, selling for around 250m (more or less, however you feel proper to offer)
3 have 4.1k defense, meaning that they're also kraken proof, although need defense mode enabled for that. Selling for 180m (or, again, however you wish to offer)
Then there is one super pet, has 32k power and 6k defense. I'm selling it for 1.4b (or, for once more, whatever you wish that I as well find appropriate lol)

Or just all of them for 2.8b. You get a 140m discount in this case so, hmu ;)
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