Kevin3's ban appeal (sry)

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Kevin3's ban appeal (sry)

Postby kevin3 » Sun Oct 04, 2020 12:00 pm

I got banned... when I try to log in it says incorrect username capitalization this happened after me and my friend were hanging out he was at my house and we were playing some helmet heroes and he told me about this glitch/hack I told him that it wouldn't work because it just makes it look like you have more money he thought it would work. I decided to prove to him it wouldn't work by trying it and as I said it made my money higher but it just made it look higher and I could actually buy stuff so I proved him wrong and all was well I was playing for a while for him until I finally got off and the next day when I tried to log back in it said incorrect username capitalization.

Sry for what I did,
plz unban,
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