My Account ImNoob20 Got Hacked

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My Account ImNoob20 Got Hacked

Postby BabyD » Thu Mar 07, 2019 12:16 am

Ok so like about a week ago i met this guy (NoobCola) and he was really cool, he said he liked me alot because my account had the name Noob in it too. So we start talking and hes telling me how he apparently sold "his" account FriedPickles, didn't really believe him but i gave him the benefit of the doubt. A couple days go back and as tho days go by we keep talking to each other hes telling me that hes a rich kid and hes gonna buy like 20k tickets and get me a pet that has like 12k power and im starting to believe him because he was like a level 100 with double drop and like 2k power. Fast forward to when he actually starts to try and take my account, so after i get from school i hop on to try and level up a little bit more before the valentines day event ends, he pms me talking about how he wants to be a pilot because he barely sees me on and im telling like i dont really trust people because ive been hacked before and i dont like giving my account away because i spent actual money on the game just to make my own 3x, so i guess he really tried to buy my trust by giving me a pet with 1.5k def, at that when he gave me the pet i told him i was going to get off but he asked if i had any social media, i gave him my snapchat and he starts texting me again asking to be a pilot, I denied several times but then he tried to buy my trust again by giving me his account password so i trusted him and gave him mines, about 15 minutes later i try to sign on and he had already changed my password and blocked me on snapchat. If coke or any admin is reading this i have proof that it is 100% my account, you can even check the ip logs and you can even see where i spent money from my credit card on the game. All i want is my account, pets, and items back i dont even want the kid banned i just want all of my stuff back hopefully an admin will see this and i didnt just waste my time on writing this
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Re: My Account ImNoob20 Got Hacked

Postby Mystic.YT » Tue Mar 19, 2019 11:35 pm

Yeah. Good thing I saw this a guy named Life_To_Death which is now TensWarrior, he owned ImNoob20 I knew it wasn’t his. Unfortunately it’s banned and I would appreciate if you tell coke his other account is TensWarrior, because all of his accounts got banned for something idk why. ImNoob20, Life_To_Death, and evz
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