Banned because high lv player call CALLSQUEEZY duper

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Banned because high lv player call CALLSQUEEZY duper

Postby KZGamer » Sat Mar 12, 2016 3:46 am

Hey robby why u bann CALLSQUEEZY he is no duper high lv player just asume everyone is duper who have good friend CALLSQUEEZY bought 450 tix and sold them all to coke 33mil and bought a cyro helmet for 4mil.... does this mean he is a duper???
because if so i reccommend dont buy tickets if ur low lv because high lv player will call u duper andyou will get banned... u cant just wait till low lv player buy ticks and get good items then bann them because ur basicly taking peoples money and banning them after they spend irl money on some good stuff... u might as well bann all lv 100- because high lv player will waste time calling them dupers and bann them! because theyre duper even though theyre not? or is this a way of trolling noobs like what LoveNoThot did and seeing them rage because they have spent time on money on a game and u want to bann them for no reason?
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