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Postby lol_Xd123 » Wed Aug 05, 2020 5:37 pm

HI, my account called dark_99 has been permanently banned, i don't know why if i did nothing wrong with that account, mr robby and the moderators help me please, all i can say is that on another account called __JONICK__ i wanted it banned because I dont use it account a lot, and after an hour I wanted to log into my account: dark_99 and it turned out that `` no more helmet heroes for you! '' and that I'm forbidden, I'm crying right now, why not? I was waiting, and I was also about to buy 450 tix on Friday morning, but now that I see that I can no longer because I am banned. Please help me, I did not want to make a very serious mistake, forgive me Mr. Robby and the moderators :(
I love your game, I'm a fanatic! But I don't want to lose my account please. :(
Please, with much respect, I ask you to undo it tomorrow, because my father is going to buy me 450 tix and I don't want to lose them please :( I love you and your beautiful game :)
IGN: dark_99
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Postby lol_Xd123 » Sun Aug 09, 2020 1:22 pm

THANK YOU MR. ROBBY AND MODERATORS FOR UNBANNING MY ACC, but now I have a serious problem with my friend who is no longer my friend. The problem is that my friend had my account that I had given him a long time ago to help me level up, but on Friday when I asked him to unban my account, you accepted me and I thank you very much for your kindness, but my friend when he saw me buy 450 tix, and i buy this:
1.- TP
2.-remove companion
3.- my jetpack for 48 tix that I spent :(
4.- four pets that cost me 1; 31 tix ... 2; 25 thix ... 3; 20 tix ... and 4; 25 tix.
... my friend took advantage of the moment in which I was offline to take away 2 pets and my jetpack because I was dead with envy :( and he ended up selling them all at 50m !!!!!!!!!!! and with that I know He put books to increase his stats and he did it. in gmail this all the evidence that I sent him Mr. Robby.
Please I am not lying to you Mr. Robby and moderators I am serious, in gmail I sent you the evidence and everything please help me to recover my things from number 3; my jetpack = 48 tix :( and number 4; my 4 pets... please help I beg you.
and thanks in advance if you get to read it <3, :(
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