account hacked

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account hacked

Postby lolboi1234 » Wed Jun 10, 2020 1:26 pm

hi my username is lolboi123 and i made my account arround 5 years ago and my password was asdasd123 but i changed it to sulaiman123* and i didnt tell anyone my password. but when i tried to log in a few days ago i couldnt log in so i tried to recover it through the email i verified it with ( and it said it was wrong. then i logged into my other account and it said that someone had been active on my account. i can prove its my account because all my purchases were made through google play store with my second email ( and i had roughly spent £80 on the game. if you need any other information please reply to me by my email ( or on this post. Also can you please reply quickly because i dont want the person to take any of my items. thank you
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