i got banned for scamming for Worthless Reason

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i got banned for scamming for Worthless Reason

Postby leedi143 » Thu Dec 26, 2019 3:55 am

I got banned sir for small reason..Im buy acc for 60m IGN:GeniusHp but this acc is low stats only 2k art then thought i want to sell this for 70m for Green_Arrow5 to earn 10m a money. suddenly Green_Arrow5 said me im scammer because the acc that i sell to her was retrieve by the True owner then Green_Arrow5 tell me he want to Banned me for scamming because he said the acc that i sell to her i was retrieve..but sir i did so please sir Robb Help me to Unbanned my account the moderator friend of Jim who make my account got banned...Please sir Robb Help give me one chance to Unbanned my account.. promise sir i avoid buy acc to any person, then promise I will take care of my account Hope you will Read this post and Hope i got reply from u to this post i really really love to play Helmet heroes than the other games how many months i miss my acc i spend alot of money to my acc so please sir feel my pain I hope i get to unbanned my acc i dont have anykind of proof that im not scammer i dont have any issues and any trade player that i scamm im Inoccent sir :cry: .. thats all godbless your family,. :| :|

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