My friend nickolni got scammed

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My friend nickolni got scammed

Postby dumbcrap_here_we_go » Tue Dec 03, 2019 9:33 pm

So, my friend (IGN: nickolni) doesn't have a forum acc, so I am posting for him. He was asking people to boost him for money or pets, and a few people responded. One of the boosters offered my friend a boost to lvl 200 for a lvl 100 pet and he agreed to give him the pet. This person's IGN is __Rubick__ (Two underscores on both sides). When he received the pet, he proceeded to sell the pet for 1.5m. When the pet was sold, this person teleported quickly to far places on the map thinking that my friend couldn't reach him. After awhile, he found out that my friend has tp too :lol: :lol: , but he didn't stop there. Only after my friend threatened to report him (that's what I would be doing) if he doesn't follow-up with the deal, he boosted my friend 1 lvl. (Btw, still far from lvl 200) After the 1 lvl boosted, he logged off. Later, he logged on again and ignored my friend's chat messages to him. So, my friend had no choice but to tell me to report him. Please do somthing about __Rubick__ (Two underscores on both sides) and don't let him get away with scamming my friend of his pet. (Even if it lvl 100, it's still scamming) I wouldn't go so far as to ban __Rubick__, but he deserves to know that he can't get away with scamming whoever he wants. Pros aren't scammers! Thanks for reading this post.

My friend who got scammed IGN: nickolni
Scammer IGN: __Rubick__ (Two underscores on both sides)
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Re: My friend nickolni got scammed

Postby gunner360 » Sat Dec 07, 2019 3:13 pm

__Rubick__ said that he would boost me to level 300 for 100 tix and give me a level 100 account, scammed me of both that.... Dont trust him, and in the game someone sent a shout-out saying Rubick is a Scammer... listen people! dont trust this guy! Also CoolThrasher knows Rubick scammer... listen to us! dont trust him...
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