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Join Insomnia

Hey guys, i'm looking for a few people to join me in my guild, my little clan is a super chill group,
were laid back and always welcome new players to the guild. There's no fee to join, but there are a few rules to follow
and just a few requirements. But other than that we're chill. So if you want to just play and chill then Insomnia is a pretty
great guild to be apart of. So come join i'm always looking for new recruits.

Guild Requirements
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1) Must be level 300+ ( This is the only rule so no worries guys)

Guild Rules
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1) No alt accounts
2) No spamming, scamming, hacking, duping , spotting, botting, bullying,
begging, copying, and drama of any kind please. if you scam, hack, dupe, bot, bully, or cause drama.
i'm gonna have to kick you from the guild, and if you broke HH rules then you will be reported. The others ones, aren't as bad,
you ill get a warning after that, you will be kicked. piloting is allowed, but please make sure the pilot is aware of the things he/she needs to abide by.
3) No Xp leaching, I find this lazy and you will be given a warning and kicked if it happens again.

Guild events
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If you're in my guild, then there are a few events to look forward to,
1) GvG,PvP: Once a month or once a week depending, we will try to just come together and have some fun in the GvG area and PvP area.
2) Christmas gifts: For me I love christmas and I want everyone to have a good time, so myself, will go out and get my guild members, christmas presents.
3) My drop parties: When i get some moolah, I go and buy items, and do drop parties so look forward to those.

Guild Art

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