The Bloodpack 3x

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The Bloodpack 3x

Postby Lockwood2.0 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:57 pm

Welcome to The Bloodpack

The Bloodpack are a Competitive guild going for leaderboards while trying to have fun as well. We are dedicated to playing the game and getting levels with friends.

Leader: 1_Creation_1
Vice Leader: Lockwood
Officer: Pending
Officer: Pending
Officer: Pending

Private Server Coming Back Soon! (Usually Have One) ( If Not Don't Worry Should Be Getting One Soon)

Current Level:
We have decided to go with a level requirement of 550+. We want you to be an Experienced player that knows what they are doing and like to have people grinding levels and boosting for contribution

Players that are not this requirement are most likely for boosting purposes or an alt of some sort.
We want you to speak English in this guild. It is fine if you speak a different language but be able to have a conversation in English if needed.

Guild Contribution:
We want our members to get as much contribution as they can. If a member does ask you to leave I would like you to leave but if they ask you more than twice go ahead and talk to an officer or me depends on who is online. We would like you to get a decent amount of contribution a week.

Overall Behavior:
We expect you guys to be kind and Nice don't be a jerk or a douchebag just be mature enough to not get posted on forums for your attitude. :D

This is a problem if you get caught or there is any proof of this you will be gone as soon as I find out.

If you're caught doing this I will report you to forums and you will probably be banned so I will kick you anyways.

Don't spot just don't do it. If other Players want to do it they can go ahead just go on with your business

Leeching XP / Boosting without asking:
If a member reports you for this you will be given a warning. Two warnings a co or I will talk to you a third time you are done.

Boosting Others:
This for me and most members will be a free boosting Job just ask them before you take XP.

Boosting : Lockwood (PM Before Go)
Boosting : 1_Creation_1 (PM Before Go)
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