Tips and basic rules in-game and forum

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Tips and basic rules in-game and forum

Postby coke_na_rc » Thu Jun 13, 2019 1:10 am

Easy and simple rules for ALL

1. Low levels are not allowed to carry or have large sum of money from 1-20, yet hundreds of millions will be having an issue on levels 100 and up unless you spent real money by buying tickets.

2.Do not name your server as PVP Server/Main Server 1,2,3,4 or with any special character coz it will glitch and you won't have your PS. I also don't do refund unless you are a new player so be careful on your decision ;)

3.Don't trade to anyone you don't know or better don't trade at all if you do not want to get scam, be wary for anything scammers are everywhere, since there is no way to track trades for money/pets/items I won't be able to help.

4. Secure your account since you can easily get hacked, NO PILOT, no sharing of password and such. DO NOT GIVE links to change password, DO NOT click any unknown or untrusted or ANY site that will ask for your password and such. Don't ask for my help when it comes to that issue. Your account your responsibility.

5. Players from Ph region are not allowed to use vpn/proxy, and also not allowed to play the game till they reach level 300. Again, there is no need to post in forum for unban with Ph Locked issue.

6. Forum posts about buying/selling stuff for real cash will also be deleted and a possible chance of forum ban without warning.

7. When logging in to main site, you must enter the RIGHT username (Upper and Lower case sensitive)e,g.coke_na_rc = right, Coke_na_rc = wrong and will result to a skill reset.

8. Do not name a pet with the same name that you already have, It's not that hard to think of a name don't be lazy :evil:

9. Since this is a thing now for most players, whenever you withdraw your money, always spare 1 coin for it to be successful.

10. When selling a pet at Pet Adoption District, make sure you withdraw 1 coin to get the tickets, and sell one pet at a time only so it won't glitch. Whenever you put more than one and it will be bought at almost the same time or haven't withdrawn yet then you won't get the money/tickets from the sold pets. Always make sure to screenshot everything.

11. When reporting a bug or player please ALWAYS include information or any details to prove your report, either screenshot or video proof and don't use all CAPS when posting, I will gladly delete that instead.

12. Do not argue with the forum or in-game Admin, if you have something to say just pm, i wont hesitate to ban you :twisted:

13. No insulting against Robby or about the game.

14. Forum signature will only allow one per account, put the others on spoiler if you have two or more.

15. DO NOT suggest things that's already been removed, don't bring back old suggestion and threads too.
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