Even the Playing field

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Even the Playing field

Postby Phearsom » Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:34 am

This style of game play is similar to another one that has been out for years. I will not list the name of the game unless asked but most players should know.

Personally cooldown is not a factor in that game and should not be so in this one. I think a solution is buffing/nerfing classes to make each one able to hold their own in the same scenarios as the other classes.

1. PVP- Give warriors a gap closer or AoE

2. PVE- Reduce MP cost of some skills
- This will make other classes more dependent on MP; to use skills more
- Since MP was introduce all class should need it not just one

3. Maybe allow MP or HP stats on armor
- Veteran players know of the "Glass Cannon" build would appreciate this
- Of course the boost is not that big but sustainable enough

There is actually a lot of flaws with MP reduction, in truth triple shot is more powerful than the average swing of a wand or weapon because of its range.

Overall, if the general public is at a lower (100 and lower) level then the MP reduction cost could be beneficial. Higher levels I would only recommend the warrior gap closer skill/ AoE and the MP/HP stat on armor.


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Re: Even the Playing field

Postby Contressa » Sun Nov 24, 2013 8:38 pm

Im for the HP or MP stats on armor. The rest i either do not care about, or do not support.
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