Pet Releases Should Refund Half Of Your Money

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Pet Releases Should Refund Half Of Your Money

Postby BananaFrenzy » Sun Jun 28, 2020 9:41 am

I mean, once, I had a pilot, he gave me a pet - guess what, I had no pet spaces left. Next thing I know I have to release my pet that I spent a few days grinding for. Next up, my pilot wants his pet back, oh and my pet I grinded for is gone. A loss of days of progress. Its such a bummer that I didnt even gain anything anyway - it was a loss. What I'm asking for is just a small gain from releasing your pet. Some people even click the 'release' button by accident and just feel depressed after what they've accidentally done - maybe a half gain could cheer them up.

Ik like there is a straight up chance of 99% this suggestion wont be implemented because Robby dosen't give a damn about the game anymore - but I thought its nice to bring this up.

PS. I dont think I'm actually going to look at 'Suggestions' because there is no chance they are going to be implemented.

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Kudos to Itblobboy for the gif.
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