Basics of Helmet Heroes

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Basics of Helmet Heroes

Postby Robrodude » Sat Nov 21, 2020 5:38 pm


The basic controls of the game are as follows:

Attack: Space
Pick-up an Item: E
Cast Rod or Cut Down Tree: C
Top Right & Top Middle Icons: Click
Movement: WASD Keys or Arrow Keys [Explained in detail in the spoiler below.]
Spoiler: show
Sprint Left: Double tap A or the arrow on your keyboard pointing left
Sprint Right: Double tap D or the arrow on your keyboard pointing right
Jump: W or the arrow on your keyboard pointing up
Slide or Crouch: To slide, sprint left or right or get to the top of a hill or sloped area, then press S or the arrow on your keyboard pointing down. To crouch, do the same as before, but without sprinting beforehand.

HP (Top left corner)- Your current and total health. Every ability point you spend on your HP will increase it by 10.

MP (Top left corner below HP) - Your current and total magic points. Magic points are used for special attacks when attacking with a staff or wand(s). Every point you spend on MP will increase your total MP by 10.
Note: While MP is most important for Mages - who use 2 MP in case of using one wand, and 4 MP in a case of using two wands - it is also important for all classes as there are special attacks / abilities which cost MP which can greatly help you in PVP (player versus player) or PVE (or player versus environment) fights. The special attacks / abilities along with their effectiveness and common uses can be found below.
Secondary Note: For every 100 levels gained, skills will cost %100 more to use. For example, at level 100, the cost will be 2x more than the skill states, and at level 200, it will be 3x more than the skill states.

Dexterity - Increases your chance of doing a critical hit (350% regular damage), as well as increasing your movement speed. Every point you spend on Dexterity will increase your critical hit rate by 0.33% and movement speed by 0.006 mph.

Strength (Power)- Increases damage dealt with melee attacks (for swords, mace, axe, or hammer only). Every point you spend on Strength will increase your melee damage by 1.

Range - Increases damage dealt with range attacks (for bows or sling only). Every point you spend on Range will increase your range damage by 1.

Magic - Increases damage dealt with wands / staffs. Every point you spend on Magic will increase your magic damage by 1.

Artillery - Increases the damage dealt by guns. Every point you spend will increase your gun damage.

Defense - Every point you spend on Defense will reduce damage taken from enemies. Multiplying the enemies damage output times .7 is the best way to calculate whether or not you will be able to take a hit from a monster without taking damage. If you defensive output is equal to the monster's power times .7, you should be able to take a hit from it. The power of each monster can be found in the Hero-Pedia in game, or in the wiki at:

Skills - Skills are extra enhancements to your character that you utilize by going to the Skill menu. You get one skill point every time you level up. These enhancements can be special attacks, or passive bonuses to certain stats. For a list of all of the skills and what they do click here. The way these are used are very important, so it would be best to look at all the skills before using your skill points, and planning out which skills you think are most important / beneficial to your character.
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