Character Creation

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Character Creation

Postby Robrodude » Sat Nov 21, 2020 5:31 pm

Creating an Account
If you are completely new to the game, you will need to make an account first before you play. In order to do so, load the game and press the play button. If your internet connection is working properly, you will connect to the server and land on the Main Menu.
Click this link to play the game:

Once the game has loaded, click the Create a Character button and you will be brought to the Character Creation menu. Enter a username, password, and if you'd like to recover your password in case you forget it; feel free to put down an email too. NOTE: I highly suggest this! This is the only way your account can be recovered if you lose your password or are somehow hacked! Then click on the arrows to browse through the selection of character customizations you can choose which include your gender, hair, eyes, and skin color. During the creation of your character, you must also pick your class. (These classes and their uses and descriptions can be found below under the CLASSES section). The classes to choose from are:

Click the finished button when you are finished.
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