My guild members get banned for botting

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My guild members get banned for botting

Postby NardMay » Mon Oct 05, 2020 8:59 pm

Good day, Game Creator sir Robby Scherer. I am here to complain and seek Justice for my friend banned for botting. He is Suicidesht in game at Helmet-Heroes Banned for botting why?. I am here to help my friends and seeking for JUSTICE. Complain about this issue why he got banned for botting without doing wrong. Banned time/date October 5,2020 Monday around 11:20 Pm. I don't know what botting is but i am playing fairly and nicely, enjoying the game it self i am controlling/playing my account Suicidesht with my own two hands. Heres the details Before i got banned i was leveling my pet at bulloped Lair in pvp server in a while my pet died by the bullo monster so i just kill some bullo monster without boosting my pet because it died, after that i decided to heal my pet and teleported to snowyflatss then suddenly the white screen loading suddenly came black/ my screen becomes black and got disconnected from the game. So i removed/Refreshed the helmet heroes app in my phone because i thought it was lagging. After a minutes ago i log in again my Suicidesht and waiting to it to get through in the main game it self but i got disconnected and says banned for botting how come?why? Please unbanned him sir Robby. This happened suddenly without knowing why he got banned for botting "JUSTICE FOR HIM" please do take action sir Robby Thank you. Banned for botting user:Suicidesht , "Wrong Accused"
Hopefully you'll unbanned him, i hope you understand and take action Thank you. Click the Pictures Below for more Info. nor prooffs. to clarify that we/i were telling the truth Thank you.

Sincerely yours truly:

A friend, ~nerjan

Friend, Banned for botting user:Suicidesht / "Wrong Accused" Please notice "JUSTICE FOR HIM"

By the way i have a screenshot of my account in game at bullo before i got banned and it has a date on it and time also. I hope you understand and Help Us Thank you.
Here is the proof
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Re: My guild members get banned for botting

Postby DarkYveltal » Tue Oct 06, 2020 7:28 am

Shouldn't have been botting.
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Re: My guild members get banned for botting

Postby _Kaiz » Tue Oct 06, 2020 9:53 am

Do you need proof ? I reported him to Robby and BANNED! No need to explain. In short, It's permanent Banned so Good Luck :D
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