Banned For Ph locked access

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Banned For Ph locked access

Postby Jaspo123 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 9:57 pm

Dear Sir itblobboy,

Hi Sir Itblobboy good morning I've been waiting for how many hours just to make sure my acc gonna open and i always
posting some forum about this game with my main acc because it not easy to play a game that you been playing all the time
effort that you need to do just to make this game better for the future and i just gonna ask u a important thing that please
unbanned my main acc IGN:DeiJaspo i know that many filipinos do something about this game like dupper,scammer,hacker
etc, but sir ill tell you the truth not all filipinos do something bad about this game like doiny anything wrong in this game,
and i know that it is not easy to track some player to do wrong about this game and other sacrifeces their self just to make
this game better and a good game all the time inspiring with other player with a fair game thank you i have you do your own
job in this game thank you very much :D :(
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