HH is dying ?

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HH is dying ?

Postby Jakub » Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:16 pm

Please do not spam this thread with hateful messages because I usually see people do this kind of stuff.

I'm going to point out some real big problems with the game that is keeping new players from playing and making people slowly leaving.

Lack of content- I want to point this out for everything. The only thing you can currently do in this game is killing enemies, although you can argue that most games have this same concept but outside of it there are even more things you could do. Now there is PvP/GvG but it is real unbalance and really serves no purpose. Also with where enemies are going truly there are a lack of enemies. The game currently features 43 enemies but have some really big gaps after. Also for the players who basically "completed" the game dont have much to do or basically did everything. When the HH 9.0 update came out most people could easily accomplish everything. All that really happen was the energy and 1 new set for each class and for the most part most of them should have it.

P2W game- I have said this before and many people were mad at me for saying this but it is somewhat true. If you didnt have double loot ( not going to mention resale since you can use others ) and a pet which probably wont be that good at all, it would take you around a year at 4 hours of grinding a day just to reach mags. Even then before I reached the one year mark with maybe 16 hours a week of grinding I wasnt even close to mags. Really to be more realistic it might even be two years. To reach an enemy like that though is really "unrealistic" and needs more changes so they can be reachable in around 6 months. Also with the recent update it screwed players over a lot more because of the map. The train station should be changed to also travel to different shops so players dont have to run.

Bad Support- I have to admit this game probably has some of the worse support I have ever seen. Half the time players are sending messages on needing lost items back and half the time a response is given. Many players and me included are still missing items and it gets really annoying. Also there truly is a lack of suggestions being taken as in for a better UI. Many things that can easily be added in and improve the game much more are just being ignored and not being submitted.

Now I can understand the fact that robby is the only person who works on this game and checks the forums to help players but please for the sake of this game get like 1-2 more mods that you can trust to actually help players and restore any items and ban players who are cheating ingame.

DaviM12 wrote:inb4 3d update
The worst thing robby did to HH was adding Cowboys to the game without actually even trying to balance their skills : (
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Re: HH is dying ?

Postby koalasium » Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:19 pm

I totes agree with the lack of content. The quests sort of provide a storyline, but they end as you progress into higher levels. I would like it if there were other ways to earn money, such as completing daily scavenger hunts or something. Just something other than killing monsters. #AnimalFarm #SaveTheMonsters #AnimalAbuse
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Re: HH is dying ?

Postby narutos » Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:25 pm

I agree with no support i have been waiting for 1 week for kageflash to get unbanned and still no response robby doesn't take it serious
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Re: HH is dying ?

Postby Misterman22 » Sat Aug 06, 2016 1:46 am

I must agree with all of the points stated. I'd also like to add that this new PvP server really just tempts low-level players into places where they can be spawnkilled and have no chance of escape. Besides the new armor, it's all a wreck if you ask me.
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Re: HH is dying ?

Postby Mariofan1 » Sat Aug 06, 2016 6:48 am

I'm not entirely bothered with lack of content. I just feel like robby doesn't address issues when needed. For example, the game's economy has been ruined for literally 4 months now, and it's only getting worse. There's no real point in grinding when people just dupe to get better stats. This game is really just pay2win and broken. I've been semi active and came back to help fix it, got a few dupers banned, but they keep on coming. He either needs to add another game master or have staff ingame with the power to ban users. Alike the forums too, it needs more mods.
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Re: HH is dying ?

Postby Skylox » Sat Aug 06, 2016 8:59 am

Well...I really think a story mode needs to be added:/ it's basically ""HEY! Get the black hooded guy......"" ""Arghh leave me alone you will never stop our cult"" boom you find the cult story over. How did you get to the island? What is the cult going to do?
And mods for the game needs to be a user trustable,active and not a douche
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Re: HH is dying ?

Postby DaviM12 » Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:11 am

I feel like HH already had a really small community because there were way too few peoples that could understand anything in the early game, and even less keep playing after LEV 100 when they see that the community in the game has lots of pïnoys.
I still remember that when HH was added to Kongregate, lots of peoples started playing HH because it was a hot new game... it had 200 players at a time!
But they couldn't actually get into the game because of stuffs like kill stealing and small mapsalso they're dumb... they didn't know how to pick itemsand then HH quickly got a bug that deleted the ATM gold from everyone...
I think these days there are up to 10 players, 20 before the 9.0 update, I think...
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Jakub wrote:P2W game- I have said this before and many people were mad at me for saying this but it is somewhat true.
Tell them that books cost money!
If they can't understand that, ask how >: P
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Re: HH is dying ?

Postby Krobeus » Sat Aug 06, 2016 2:23 pm

I nearly give up a few times lately because people losing very big things since update, money from fall-glitch, levels and items from level glitch, people resetting class lately for some reason, there are new scame and hax and of course the old hax come back again just before update was bad, and now people lose items and money from atm glitch, also during database issues a lot of people lose things, I lose stuff myself, I don't remember what I had in my own ATM but I'm sure was not empty, and in my alts AMT I had some clown masks and a head wrap and I think a frank mask too, those are all gone now but I can't prove I ever had so that's that all gone forever, dont really care that much about the stuff gone from my ATMs... but since then I have video all my stuff every day so that I can prove it if anything else goes.
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Re: HH is dying ?

Postby Sintoque » Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:51 pm

Hey Krob you could do video logs on YouTube. After a year you could earn some dollars from Google. Even if it only a 1 minute video.

I was thinking about that for sometime, since whenever my new videos were published they get thousands of view within a week. But then I've been playing on different computers and pretty lazy to record and edit.
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Re: HH is dying ?

Postby punyman » Sun Aug 07, 2016 11:23 am

I agree with everything I mean I have never in my life seen a game that is soo p2w till I found this one literally u have to spend money or your entire life on the game to get to mags also I have never seen an mmorpg game without a level cap I mean there is no point to leveling if u know people are always gonna be higher all the good mmorpg games have caps why doesn't this one?
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