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Postby itblobboy » Mon Jan 26, 2015 11:27 pm

Which is, might I add, another factor that gives mages the advantage in PVP and the disadvantage in PVE.

HP in pvp = beautifully beneficial, while HP in pve = not as much.

In case you're wondering, "BLAWWWHB!!?!?!? WHY DO MAGES HAVE HP INSTEAD OF DEFENSE!??!?!"

It's because it allows them to utilize their heal with the MP they should already have spades of in event of emergencies that would otherwise result in imminent death completing it's course of action (so poetic, so beautiful). Of course, mage can focus on defense instead, and take less damage and have to heal less - however, I found that to be a long-run goal since HP allows for better hardiness than defense - and is made the better priority for good healing use. 10 hp simply outweighs 1 defense.

Naturally, good healing use is crucial to staying alive and optimized since it's pretty dang OP to transfer MP into HP - basically taking your always-could-use-s'more attack juice and putting it into your essential-for-life health juice when ya need it. :P

A strong mage lives, a good mage doesn't have area teleport :o
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