Cant die glitch and laying down

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Cant die glitch and laying down

Postby zerkRSMC » Sat Jul 12, 2014 12:57 pm

A random glitch happened where i died but when i respawned i was laying down, i kept playing the game but when i died i would die normally by respawning somewhere, then all the sudden my guy wouldnt die completely. I couldnt pick up items or coin, i couldnt teleport, and i couldnt attack anything when i fake died. After filming i ended up refreshing the page but when trying to play the game my internet would melt down and nothing would happen. THIS IS NOT A HACK, I AM POSTING THIS SO IT WILL BE FIXED. I think the only reason this happened was because my internet was being really annoying and retardedly slow.

I filmed what was happening and posted it to youtube here is the link- ...
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