Removal of the Level 250 requirement on Steam version.

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Removal of the Level 250 requirement on Steam version.

Postby XxJorgeTheLordxX » Tue Aug 25, 2020 9:36 pm

Hello, I wanted to buy tickets on the steam version of Helmet Heroes since it's the only way I can make purchases. However, I was extremely disappointed when there was a message saying that I'm not level 250 or above which makes me unable to buy tickets despite other versions of Helmet Heroes not having the requirement at all. Now, normally I would let this requirement slide since I have done some grinding and actually gotten all the way to level 251(as of writing this forum). But to my surprise despite me being level 251 the message still appeared and prevented me from buying tickets on the Steam version. This is beyond unacceptable at this point and I wish for the level cap on the Steam version to be completely removed or at the very least fixed because I was hoping to spend 15 dollars on the game only for it to potentially go to complete waste since I can't even buy in-game tickets due to this bug. Please Robby, may you squish this bug or remove the level cap entirely for the Steam version of the game? Thank you.

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