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Postby nethanoyao » Sat Aug 08, 2020 8:55 am

my account was banned since aug 10 2018 i don't know what is the reason because i send my account to my friend because im a BC at work at nov 23 2018 I withdrew my acc from my friend because I was done with work, I wondered why my friend was so scared of me he did not show me and I picked him up on fb I asked for my acc and he gave me a log in I was surprised I just locked my acc that I do not know the reason I tried to ask my friend but he did not answer he blocked me on fb and my friend he never shows me again please help me to get unbanned my account IGN:_Chinese_Mafia_ i loved my acc and i spent it more money with top up tickets.
I know that there are no more moderates in this forum but there are others here who can contact the adminastrator / robby plsss ask to robby to get justice my account.

Plssssss justice to _Chinese_Mafia_
justice to _Chinese_Mafia_
justice to _Chinese_Mafia_
:cry: :( :cry:
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