banned for steam refund

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banned for steam refund

Postby QingLong » Sat May 09, 2020 9:18 pm

good day to you sir robby i'll ask for your help my account is banned for steam refund i just bought tickets to mushroom trade district server 1 because i will buy x3 guild then i wake up in the morning suddenly banned account some days i can play helmet heroes and i spend a lot of money on this game sir robby i dont show you the evidence i don't know if the outcome i wish robby could fix so i can play again i love this game sir robby and it makes no sense when you ignore this message I thank you very much thank you i hope you read this :cry:

i have a lot of friends in this game they tell me to unbanned my account for e-mail then you just ignored yes i know we don't have proof to let you sir robby i just want to get my account back please play it again for you to read it :( im begging you sir robby

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