Map Bugging (Cant tp and the places dissapear to tp)

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Map Bugging (Cant tp and the places dissapear to tp)

Postby _Loyal_J_ » Fri Apr 03, 2020 2:42 am

Dear Sir robby( Game Creator),

Good day sir,

I am skeptron Heroe sir and im playing Helmet Heroes since 2k18 sir and i stopped at 2k19 sir and im back at 2020 (right now)

I have something to report to you sir because my HH account my map is bugging sir i don't know wht it's happening but here's my story sir

It's started at 12midnight Im buying and selling some items there and i tp to acid village to withdraw money then i came back to MTD s1 there's plenty of player's there while im trading i didn't noticed that my account was dc already i bought 3 omega luck pets worth of 1.2b and i refreshed my laptop then after that i want to bank my money (20m) but not expecting my map has no circles to tp anymore? Whats wrong with this? I didn't do something bad or some malicious things im just playing 9hrs pls help me i spent real PHP to this account and my half time i spent on this ,
Sometimes im lack of sleep because of this but what happend? I can't tp hys pls help me i dont want to regret costing real money for this game sir

With all do respect sir please im begging for help sir because it's part of my time to play helmet heroes sir here's some pictures sir and thats all my complain sir I'll just wait for your Respond sir have a nice day and God Bless

Ps-Sorry my grammar is kinda have limit


It's about that i cant tp sir and when i walk arround like im traveling if i refresh my laptop it will back to zero like lvl1 rthe map
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