Can't see the whole game screen

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Can't see the whole game screen

Postby UtkarshA10 » Mon Oct 21, 2019 1:27 pm

Hello guys, i need this help urgently. Recently i just replaced my old mobile which had version of Android 7 with Moto G6+ having Android version 9. When i installed and started the app a message appeared that this app was for an old version of android. I basically just tapped "ok". After that the "Loading main game" reached 100% and the other loading which has a white bar with light blue background screen also loaded to 100%. I encountered no issues with login. After logging into my account the attack button is half disappeared in the right side of the screen and the "more info" option is missing at the same right side. If anyone who has an mobile with Android version 9 can understand into what kind of problem i am trying to say now. This is frustrating, as i thought that i can play much better on high android version. coke can you look into my problem please? My account is an lvl 451 Cowboy. Once again, the problem is on right side which has a little black screen which has removed half of the attack button and the more info or something like that option in top right side.

Also this is not my mobile's fault, as i have tested this game in my cousin's phone which have the same version Android 9. Same issue in my cousin's mobile.
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Re: Can't see the whole game screen

Postby coke_na_rc » Mon Oct 21, 2019 8:58 pm

It is indeed the games fault. jk

Theres still no fix on android version 8 and 9 user (ores and pie) we need to wait, i too can't play on my mobile coz of that issue
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