sir coke help me

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sir coke help me

Postby UncurledFern2017 » Wed May 30, 2018 5:48 am

HI sir coke, am playing this game for along time and now I got banned :( ,for having dupped iteams, why did I get banned for having dupped iteams, it might be this guy called>LOL_Im_A_Archer because I bought jets from him for 12m each jet, and I think they are dupped jets that's why I got banned, the proof is when I bought them after the trade is done the game freazed and after I refresh I got banned, so please sir coke can I get my account back I really love this game, MY username is (UncurledFern2017), and if you need more accurate information ill give you, and thanks.
banned for detected dupped iteams
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this is when I bought the jets and the game freazed at this
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