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Postby BFHmm123 » Mon Oct 26, 2020 9:33 pm

Let me know what you need; I can reserve it for you.

Currently I have...
- Omate (1m)
- Ice (1m)
- Dark Reaper (12m)
- Subordinate (for offer)
- Hairloom (400k)
- Shroom Serpent (5m)
- Metal Guppy (1m)
- Furry Feen (400k)
- Lava Reef (800k)
- Lava Spud (600k)
- Pumpkin Shell (400k)
- Sharktooth (2m)
- Root (1m)
- Iron Minnow (500k)
- Peep (500k)
- Puffer (100k)
- Pootnick (100k)
- Flame Coy (500k)

I normally sell common shiny like clipper, flipper, mud, plant fungus, coconut fish, glopper, dark toad, etc. for 50k each so if you want to buy them CONSTANTLY then let me know. I will reserve them for you but you HAVE TO buy all of them no matter what stat (power, range, magic, artillery) it gives.

Also, when I do get these shiny, their prices would be....
- Beholder guppy (18m)
- Lion (30m)
- Stagnant Scum (10m)
- Shroom Serpent (5m)
- Dark Reaper (12m)
- Subordinate (for offer)
- Greenspot (2.5m)

Other items for sale:
- Bouncer Hat (20m)
- Wolf Mask (30m)
- Frankenstein Mask (20m)
- Head Wrap (5m)

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