coke_na_rc's electric baracuda "auction"

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coke_na_rc's electric baracuda "auction"

Postby SummerMarie » Mon Sep 15, 2014 8:20 pm

OK guys what he have here is coke_na_rc electric baracuda. since i dont have idea to post a pics here u can ask coke for confirmation. ;)

What: coke_na_rc's Electric Baracuda previous before he got the frozen mithril axe.

Condition: blood stains of 100 thousands repguanas ;)

Payment: PM SummerMarie in game

Start: now

End: Sept 20

Starting bid: 50 tickets

min bid inc: 2 tickets

Winner will be announce tru bullhorns! ty rockon!
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Re: coke_na_rc's electric baracuda "auction"

Postby Lycanblade » Mon Sep 15, 2014 8:25 pm

double post...and im not sure the condition thing makes sense
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Re: coke_na_rc's electric baracuda "auction"

Postby Lu-Bu » Mon Sep 15, 2014 8:57 pm

So bidding through tickets Well that sucks ima actually bid 2 tickets on this one If i win i swear :lol:
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Re: coke_na_rc's electric baracuda "auction"

Postby Mariofan1 » Tue Sep 16, 2014 10:36 am

Just because it's coke_na_rcs doesn't mean it should be priced further
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Re: coke_na_rc's electric baracuda "auction"

Postby eViLmOnStEr » Tue Sep 16, 2014 5:29 pm

it should not be higher price same thing as normal
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