Ban Appeal IGN: MatchaamDaHero

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Ban Appeal IGN: MatchaamDaHero

Postby GasterBlast8000 » Mon Nov 16, 2020 2:44 pm

Hello Helmet Heroes Staff, I wrote this because I have been IP Banned. I'll get straight to the point, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have hacked, I made the game hard for many other players because of what I've did, I've used cheat engine to modify my stats and money, I apologize deeply and I wish that if you see this please consider unbanning me, your game is amazing and it's been with me for a very long time and I want to log back in for one more hour. Please unban me I swear as I live I will never promote, share, protect or use any hacking software or glitching as I live. Please I beg you deeply, Please unban me this game is my favorite and I just want to play again. Thank you for at least reading this. If I get un banned or not is your decision, but I implore you to please think about unbanning me.

Thanks in advance, Levi.
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