Amadeus711(pet scammer)

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Amadeus711(pet scammer)

Postby sameeth123 » Mon Oct 19, 2020 9:55 am

He scammed me, i lost 45m idc about losing money but I just want him to get banned, tbh I don't even have proofs, but if possible, please check my recent trades . It was a pet scam, my mistake, so no need of refund or whatever, but just up ban him because he probably isn't using his original account. Otherwise ban him immediately he'll lose all the stuff he gained plus he'll lose jet pack etc. He'll lose more than what he scammed it he gets banned immediately.

Pls add a moderator to this game, 99.99% i am sure that he won't get banned , but if there's a moderator, then he would have banned him.
His ign is Amadeus711
Even though I have no hopes that he'll get banned I am posting this just to warn others, so that they won't be in same situation like me
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