Ban KuyaWawik for Scamming (details in the thread)

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Ban KuyaWawik for Scamming (details in the thread)

Postby XxJorgeTheLordxX » Sun Sep 06, 2020 3:36 am

August 4th: Ok so this individual(KuyaWawik)was interested in buying my old account for 30 million in-game coins. We made a deal on August 4th however he told me he will pay once he gets the password. About 1 hour of arguing later I give him the password and not to my surprise he immediately disconnected. Though I had my alt account still sign in so he couldn't sign in and snatch the account without paying me. So he argued that he should have access to the account despite him not even paying for it which was an obvious red flag. After not signing off for a few minutes he kept accusing me of being a scammer in vulgar broken English and in all caps despite him not even paying for the account, though now my account is compromised since he now knows the password and I can't change the password in time before he logs in to said account preventing me from changing the password and getting my account back until he paid me the 30 million. After some fighting, I gave in and signed off the alt account. To my surprise, I have no idea what this guy did but he somehow got the account I sold to him banned for a day. So he came rushing back saying I scammed him for giving him a "banned account" EVEN THOUGH HE STILL DIDN'T PAY THE 30 MILLION COINS. After this, I had enough for today and wanted to fix this entire situation tomorrow.

August 5th: One day has passed and I log back into Helmet Heroes. As soon as I log back in this guy kept insulting me how I got scammed and how it was an "EZ ACCOUNT"followed by "HAHAHAHAHHA". I wanted to let that slide and was still waiting for him to give me the 30 million. I wanted to reach a middle ground with him and be civil about it, and I know he does have the 30 million since he had that money during the original trade. So after some back and forth PMing, we decided that he was going to pay me when the account gets unbanned. So we waited. And sure enough the account I sold to him did get unbanned.

August 6th: So now I'm waiting for this guy to get back online and he does eventually. It's now 3 in the morning and now were exchanging PMS about the account. TURNS OUT, HE FORGOT THE PASSWORD HE SET HIMSELF! And then he starts accusing me of being a scammer (even though he still never paid me and left with a free account) though he was likely stressed out because of the password situation so I let that slide as well. It had gotten to the point where I wanted to help this individual in exchange he will only have to pay me 15 million out of the 30 original million. So I sent an email to Rob to recover said password so I can give it to him and then he pays me. Its now 4 in the morning and I tell him to meet me at mushroom village since I secured that he will get his account and password back. And then out of nowhere he says that he will only pay me IF I LET HIM BORROW MY JETPACK! At this point I had just completley given up on this guy even paying me but he did say that he would pay the original 30 million if I let him borrow the jetpack. So I waited for him at mushroom village as we agreed upon. I go into a trade with him and I put up the jetpack, and I wait for him to put up the 30 million we agreed upon... This guy just said one sentence that made me write this entire report. "No you let me borrow it first", "YOURE A SCAMMER YOURE A SCAMMER!" And so I ended the trade with him, logged out of Helmet Heroes and wrote this very report.

He was vulgar, untrustworthy, selfish, uncooperative, assuming, harrasing, and inconsitent during this entire trade ordeal. I wanted to give him the benifit of the doubt several times throughout this trade. I wanted to help him finish the trade. I even slashed the original price by half to get him to pay any type of amount. But no, after all that... he didn't oblige. And throughout of it all, he had the courtesy to say " you can trust me "," I promise " and "IM NOT A SCAMMER".

So I want for KuyaWawik to be permabanned for scamming me, I want the password of XxJorgeTheLordxX (the old account I "sold" him) sent to this email address: and potentially a compensation of 15 million in-game coins on my current account: Spunow_ .

Thank you.
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Re: Ban KuyaWawik for Scamming (details in the thread)

Postby TheOfficailKiller » Sun Sep 06, 2020 4:04 pm

You dont get help your not allowed to sell acc's on this game your doing it at your own risk
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