Scamming in this Game, Please Notice and Ban these Scammers

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Scamming in this Game, Please Notice and Ban these Scammers

Postby PeaKnees » Thu Jul 02, 2020 4:26 am

Dear Robby, I hope you get to read this and understand that these IGN i present now should be permabanned because of scamming in the game. note that these are different occurrences but i remember them all and have them in my socials. i didn't want to make this but they've scammed too many , and please read this and ban them.
IGNs of scammers : Katana_Cowboy05 , Pink_Floyd , and ako_to_si_natoy.

I'm gonna explain these individually
This guy was a guild mate of potato, and when i was level 230 , i asked him to boost me to 248 so i can wear my brooding fire axes but he said for the price of my two kreeton cutters and 350k, so i gave him cause he is a guildmate and would be trusted , but then he said he needed to borrow my kreeton helmet so he can survive the magmagons , so i let him. a few minutes later, i didn't even get to level up once, he teleported and when i messaged him, he ignored it and when i go after him he always teleports away, so i lost alot from him. Ask our guild leader sihari123 about this for proof, cause he and his friend Fugnuts helped me with items so i can go on the hunt again. please permaban Katana_Cowboy05 , Robby.

Pink_Floyd was a friend of mine so i trusted him with his rate for 50 load to 20m , and i told him that i would load him 100 for 40m or two jets, but after i loaded him, he disappeared without a trace and didn't go online and wouldn't respond to a DM in discord and a text on the phone number. Please Ban Pink_Floyd for scamming my 100 load. here is his phone number for proof 09564280815 - Globe. Please permaban Pink_Floyd, Robby.

okay, so ako_to_si_natoy is the same story as Pink_Floyd. He said he would trade 40m for 100 load , and same as Pink_Floyd he fled without a trace and left me after i loaded. Here's his number for proof 09423458416 - Sun. Please permaban ako_to_si_natoy.

So overall i lost a kreeton helmet, 2 kreeton cutters, 350k, and 200 load to these scammers , please permanent ban these scammers, Katana_Cowboy05, Pink_Floyd, and ako_to_si_natoy. Please if any moderators or if better Robby could notice this please ban them. i was promised with so much , an 18 level boost and 80m overall , but i didnt get anything, please help me get these back :(((. Im asking for please to ban them and some compensation, for more questions , please ask my brother and his account , flabbypatty, cause he was there when it happened and my personal acc PeaKnees. I need to spread awareness to becareful with scammers in the game.
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