yourboi101 is Scamer

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yourboi101 is Scamer

Postby danuson » Sun Feb 09, 2020 3:23 pm

When meeting for the first time, he looked like a very good player. He spoke well. He said he want to shere item with me. I agreed that he was a good player. He wanted to be friends with me. He then told me to exchange things back. He said that we are friends, must trust each other because of trust, which is good for advice when I think to have a friend in a good-natured game. Good story after that He's want me to exchange items with him and in the end he'll return it to me. He only returned something. But the last part, he said that if the final round you dare to give 3K Power Pet, I will get a good reward. Is a test of trust Trust me, i never scamer anyone after i trade my pet he gone away make me cry i dont know how to do with it when i ask my pet back he say "you so rude you are not my friend" i dont know why i think he will be my first good friend in game but he not.

I begged him to return my pet to me because I used my 400tix to buy that and I was just a new player who didn't know that much for this game i just play like pay to win ]sorry for pay to win if it bad for new player like me] for sceenshot

Sorry if I don't use grammar correctly. I'm from Thailand Sometimes I may not compile the words very well i just use translate form google.
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