"Pilot" changed password, released all pets, etc

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"Pilot" changed password, released all pets, etc

Postby Gongster826 » Sun Nov 25, 2018 12:02 pm


I was recently attacked by a pilot who changed the password to my account. He then proceeded to sell all my stuff in account and release all my pets. Please ban this man, he claimed his IGN is jay92903 and he did this to me IGN Ohhdayum.

He sold my bladed set and proceeded to trade it to his account for money. I have proof of him planning to sell it and also hacking in my acc. Please ban this man and do the world justice.


The imgur link that ends in 9mlEFeG is me on an alt account viewing the Ohhdayum acc as he controls it. I was wearing a bladed set, but he sold all my stuff and replaced it with worse gear.


This imgur shows him selling my stuff which he will most likely trade the money to his own account in the future. He took my whole bladed set and replaced it by buying mage armor.

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