Reporting Players

Report and discuss players who are abusive, scammers, or cheaters here.

Reporting Players

Postby robby » Thu Dec 12, 2013 12:52 pm

I figured this would be handy. Although there is already a report button in game, it is often VERY over-used and spammed by tons of players for really un-important reasons. Also, I can't justify banning someone from the game just because one other person "said" the other did something.

Since posting in this forum takes more work than simply clicking the report button in the game, reports here will carry much more weight than those in-game. Also, other forum members can leave comments which can help me to see which players truly are being abusive and need banned.

Additionally, this will help alleviate the posts about other players in the general forum.

It's still never a bad idea to report someone using the in-game report button. But posts in here will probably get much more attention.
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