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Re: Please help me Understand...

i got banned on my acc when i put 4.5 mil inside and my pets... i really want it unbanned coke my name is ImMateoLol the pets and the money costed 20 US dollars :|
by ImMateoLol
Thu Feb 09, 2017 9:10 pm
Forum: Report Player/Abuse
Topic: Please help me Understand...
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Unban ImMateoLol please

I recently sold my account and put all my money in ImMateoLol, When I put all my money and all my pets inside i automatically got banned for money dupe. I am sad because i wasted 20 US dollars on those pets and the 4.5 mil. Can you please unban ImMateoLol, PLEASE unban ImMateoLol.
by ImMateoLol
Thu Feb 09, 2017 9:02 pm
Forum: Bugs and Errors
Topic: Unban ImMateoLol please
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